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What Threats Are Lurking On Your PC OR MAC?

If you’re online with any device, you need to know…

All it takes is one malware to damage your computer and access all your personal information.

You might think you don’t have any malware or infections because you ran a full system scan with a “free software” and it came up clean…but your free scan only looked for the files that are known to be malicious…new ones are ignored or not being identified.

Any unknown files that are not on some antivirus blacklist are a ticking time bomb. The average scan won’t be able to pick them up until after they detonate and leave a catastrophe that you have to clean up.

With a FREE Cybersecurity Analysis from IAA, using a process with default deny approach to stop unknown threats, we can single-handedly protect every single computer from any breaches, cyber attacks, ransomware and more, without the need for any updates, so you can focus on doing what that matters to you most.

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